The Locating Slavery’s Legacies database (LSLdb) is an initiative to collect information about monuments and memorials linked to the Civil War and Confederacy on American college campuses. 
The LSLdb site will go public in September 2023. We are seeking additional contributing partners – college instructors, archivists, and students – for 2023-2024. 

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Or, How to Make Your Campus a Laboratory for Investigating 

the Legacies of Slavery in American Higher Education

A Teach-in Event Introducing the Locating Slavery's Legacies Database

April 6-7, 2023

Atlanta History Center

Atlanta, Georgia

Dedication of memorial to C.S.A. Gen. Edmund Kirby-Smith, University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee (1940)

Whether you wish to apply to join as a collaborator or just want more information, please fill out this online questionnaire, and we will get back to you